The Head of State – with his own country - 2020
Category: Educator, Student
Method of conducting: remotely Final documents are issued after participation
Payment: 2500 KZT - per participant
= 2500 KZT

Permanent remote conference with accelerated summing up.

We invite everyone to take part in creative events through the portal of distance education.

Rules of participation:
1. Teachers of educational organizations of all types and types can take part in the events.

2. For participation it is necessary to choose a topic, register or authorize in the PERSONAL ACCOUNT, transfer money, enter the participant’s data, upload the work. Each participant can take part in any activities.

3. Works are taken continuously. The jury evaluates the work during TWO working days. After that, you can see the results on the Results page. Diplomas in electronic form can be downloaded in your personal account immediately after evaluating the competition work. All output documents are issued only in electronic form.


  • Everyone will instantly receive a diploma or certificate.
  • The authenticity of the documents can be checked in the “Results” section.
  • After participating in the Olympiads you can see the mistakes made.
  • Laureates of competitions and conferences receive diplomas I, II, III degrees. Works that have not won prizes will receive recommendations from the competition commission.
  • Data on the results of participation will be available for viewing by university staff in the form of a special rating.


  • All participants will receive an electronic Certificate of participation.
  • All winners will be awarded with Diplomas.

In order to encourage teachers for the results of their creative activity, the criteria for awarding the rights of the President of the International Association of Teachers have been approved:

  • Teachers who have prepared more than 5 pupils to participate in the Olympiad in one subject within the framework of one participation (in one application) receive thank-you letters.
  • who took part in two conferences on different subjects.


Customer support is open from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.

Dear participants! When applying, please indicate the application number and disclose the content of your question.

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